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  • Typical Korean Crazyrefers to a stereotype of korean women that excessively materialistic, needy, demanding, and selfish. Dating TKC means you are the bag provider, the prepare, the financial institution, and person of even more bipolar drama than you are able to deal with. They truly are wanting cash and standing, or somebody they could flex with their per whim.The closer to Seol, the greater you'll find.Also take note FOBs might be TKC, but those produced away from korea are more unlikely. by DeloraReport definition
  • 1. Smeartkc or (tkc)- describes defunct Kansas City blog site that specialized in anonymous ideas to smear local politicians and bloggers. by DaneReport definition
  • a pretentious geek which plays counter hit on the web, flaming individuals over their netcode, strafing, as well as other numerous "online" actions and/or moves. by Claudio BeamerReport definition
  • a small grouping of people who invest here entire time, often days, playing MKWii, once they could be playing good games like Grand Theft car 4 or Fallout 3. by DarinReport definition
  • Team Kill Community . Gamers who push the boundries of games beyond there initially circulated function, whether it's cheating heckling or group killing. by Deidra FergusReport definition
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