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  • online slang for "completely Kicks Ass." by GeraldoReport definition
  • (noun) abbreviation when it comes to Team Kill Army.The TKA is a community of gamers that concentrate on First and Third individual shooters in the XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 systems. The TKA loves to pride it self in fighting the legal rights of every day gamer and discussion board poster. The TKA ended up being established at the beginning of the Spring of 2008 whenever DICE and EA failed to through the classic “Conquest” online game mode in their brand-new Battlefield game, Bad Company. Its founders, PROFESSIONAL PUTZZZ and PROFESSIONAL POOPY thought of the innovative solution to team eliminate inside Bad Company Beta as a "protest" strategy. Although the PRIVATES are legitimate people that despise boosters, cheaters and group killers, desperate times called for desperate measure. By team killing inside beta(which had NO staff destroy penalties), the TKA forced beta testers to quit through frustration. This countered DICE’s request for more and more people to play to check their particular hosts. DICE must-have understood some thing ended up being amiss along with their brand new philosophy and online game mode, gold-rush. After the beta had been more than, DICE and EA announced that Conquest was being reinstated as TOTALLY FREE DLC. The TKA ended up being victorious(We recognize it absolutely was the large number of various other hardcore Battlefield followers whom reported that has been the actual cause for Conquest becoming reinstated...WINK...WINK...)…PS: title TKA(TEAM ELIMINATE ARMY) has led to a lot of confusion...Let me get this to 100percent CLEAR...WE DON'T TEAM ELIMINATE or promote boosting or cheating in any way...Quite toward contrary, we have been genuine people just who like to have a great and relaxed time while playing...We are not any hardcore clan...If you suck, which is okay around...The name had been used due to it really is sarcastic and tongue-in-cheek nature and it surely pulls some interest...There are plenty of clan web sites with a critical and hardcore tone... We wanted to become opposite of those knuckleheads...LOL...i am hoping this clarifies issues...Thank both you and have a great day... by EltonReport definition
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