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  • that is a rough acronym for TransGenderBender: discussing someone spending more than one-day (a day), regularly have actually intimate relations with trans-genders. by DemarcusReport definition
  • Thieving Gypsy Bastard. Uk slang. by MichaelReport definition
  • An acronym for The Grabage Bin, a subforum on the flashflashrevolution.comffr forums. by Sherman MatlockReport definition
  • "difficulty's gonny burn!"whenever you know difficulty is brewing ... reveals your understanding of future trouble. by Lindsey CocklinReport definition
  • Typical national Behaviour: The stereotypical behavior or almost anything to do because of the behavior of governments/politicians in general. eg wasting taxpayer cash. giving out taxpayers cash. exposing guidelines or guidelines that nobody desires, or which can be unpopular like net censorship etc. selling away or going from the desires or passions of those, towards the interests of lobby groups or corporations. by BobbieReport definition
  • (Tåke Gutten Barsk) = fog boy though. the devil in Røyken (norway) who tends to make glen and lolita unhappy. by EmanuelReport definition
  • Team Gangster Brawl. On the web mode game in Saints line. Used in text messegs. by SamuelReport definition
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