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  • a-two seater convertible made by Honda of Japan. Currently the greatest reving mass produced engine on the planet. Proven to elicit great happiness and excitement from drivers which press the RPMS to 9K. World class control and an excellent 6 rate gearbox determine this automotive marvel. Its 2 liter engine makes an incredible 240 HP which helps this vehicle take over the competition in twisties. A force to be reckoned with and a purists dream come true. The best bang for the buck bar not one. by Homer MoretReport definition
  • a overall performance automobile out of all the vehicle range in Honda,sadly,word features it the S2000 will undoubtedly be fallen in 2006...for just what?..who understands?...but anywho...it can be turbo'd as much as 390HP with a such a light human anatomy it'd easly be a Boxer Killer and huge chick magnet by PatriciaReport definition
  • A Honda Civic with Rabies. by Cecil OlberdingReport definition
  • The best thing Honda has been doing because the ITR and NSX-R. Best HP to Liter of any vehicle previously. Come on today, we have to give Honda some props from gettin' 240ps away from a 2.0 liter inline four. There are many names for Honda S2000, such as for instance Sduce, S2k, S2, 2k, and I'm sure there are many, but those are the ones utilized oftentimes. Also, not many vehicles can redline at 9k, even people with 8 more cyliners, therefore again. Honda first got it right because of the S2k. If you are thinking of getting an EVO or STi, i might think hard, 'cause few cars can redline at 9k and have a 6spd and will put their particular top down. And the intercourse selling point of the S2k is right-up indeed there with Ferrari. Many people also believe it offers a V6 or V8, that we believe is pretty funny. I have never really been an admirer of Honda, excluding the s2k, ITR, and NSX R. The s2k had been outstanding addition toward family members in 2000. by Danae VanallenReport definition
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