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  • RTFB is a Security Contracting agency based out-of Southern nj-new jersey. They focus on investigations, asset data recovery, and search/seizure functions. They are doing great work, and I also suggest all of them. by FannyReport definition
  • Acronym for Browse The Fucking Blog. The acronym some pretentious asshole makes use of when a pal asks him about a recent event inside the life. A meeting about that he clearly and much more recently blogged. by Carmella HuckinsReport definition
  • RTFB: An acronym for "(R)ide (T)he (B)us". It is possible to tell your mother/teachers your F is short for "fast", because we all know the bus is really quickly. by MelonieReport definition
  • Read The Bill. by TariReport definition
  • rtfb:1) read that frickin guide by Idella WhippleReport definition
  • RTFB means "Read the ****ing binary". RTFS implies "Read the ****ing supply". If there is no origin available, plus only choice is RTFB, you're most likely screwed.influenced by RTFM. by Briana BonacciReport definition
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