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  • Acronym for "see the Fucking Article" by ErnestReport definition
  • Browse Torah For Asarah (B'Tevet)1. Unusual right of passage for young Ashkenazi Jews.2. Method of noting that a remark is an inside laugh that'll not add up to non-Jews or people who didn't "RTFA" as young adults. by NamReport definition
  • Run The Fuck Away! by GilmaReport definition
  • Used as comments to noobs or joos anticipating anything for nothing on Ebay.Always make sure to "browse the Fuckin Auction "before you quote and believe nothing.Wo into the one who ever before gets RTFA inside their comments on Ebay,their sole option would be to get and lay by their dish. by MarilynnReport definition
  • see the "F*****g" AdSlang used in recruitment business for applicants just who make an application for vacancies which is why they don't really have relevant experience by Danilo SensabaughReport definition
  • Abbreviateion for: "Ready staff Fire Assist"RTFA is a military term for a 4 man squad development that provides 360 level cover.Ready: Rifleman (Any Rifle Mid to Long range Rifle)Team: Squad Leader (usually a midrange gun eg m16, diamaco C7 or SA80)Fire: help specialist (generally With a SAW squad automatic weapon)Assist: Assistant Gunner (built with an LMG or Heavy Rfle/Grenade launcher Combo)This formation can be used in modern warfare, and is commonly done in a Box formation (2 covering flank and back and 2 covering front)it features porved become vital to the success of soldiers. by RonnieReport definition
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