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  • Rub Some Ass; when two people face reverse means and rub their particular buttocks collectively bare-ass by MaxwellReport definition
  • literally translates to Random Shark Attack. It is an unnatural occurance that happens when Spock becomes bored and decides to teleport sharks into random places. The sharks are usually engaged in the hunting of their favored prey, the spongebobs. Usually the sharks are safely transported away if no water is immediately available.Happens most often on Facebook. by CarmelaReport definition
  • means Robot Skeleton Army, title written by comic Craig Ferguson to fans of his Late belated Show on CBS. Commonly used in hash tags on Twitter. by ErnestoReport definition
  • RSA- Rancid Stank Ass by Solange SkeeterReport definition
  • An abbreviation encryption system which very powerful. It uses prime figures in order to make it harder to break. It'll transform figures and words into one large number that will be solved using a decryption algorithm.crypto encryption cryptography by Carmella HuckinsReport definition
  • RSA is a public key encryption algorithm created in 1978 by Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir, and Leonard Adleman; and so is known as after them.Text or information is encrypted with one numeric key (or password) and decrypted with another. Anyone planning to have the data makes a public and personal secret. The general public key is shared with the sender (and others who may intercept it), in addition to personal secret is kept secret with the receiver. Anybody may encrypt data because of the general public secret, but only the private key may decrypt it. by FranceneReport definition
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