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  • This company represents the designers, right? INCORRECT! We do not get a cent from our works due to the RIAA, and the only way we could manage is stage concerts, which will be a risk because that occasionally costs united states above everything we can afford. Supposedly the RIAA is wanting to safeguard various other individuals' works from being "pirated", in reality, the RIAA damages 1/3 of the music CDs perhaps not offered, counts that as "Lost Sales", and rewrites it to "Lost Sales due to Piracy". If something, piracy actually HELPS us a great deal because more folks hear our music and decide whether it is well worth maintaining or perhaps not. The RIAA only keeps on resisting alterations in technology, and contains even attended the purpose of suing the indegent, the kids, while the students, all whom constitute a large percentage of its customers. by CarieReport definition
  • tracking business Association of America. An archaic, unnecessary conglomerate that makes use of bullying tatics to frighten folks into thinking that they (the RIAA) have actually a right to occur and be respected. by AndresReport definition
  • Acronyms:Record Industry Assholes of America.Rich Idiots Abusing Artists. Actually Irritating Anal AneurismsRaping Independent Artists AnallyRecord business constantly AntagonizesThe record industry's re-enactment of George Orwell's "1984". The evil entity that controls 90percent of most songs in the us, and a rapidly-growing portion of songs around the world. The oppressor of genuine musicians, and people who are tired of having to pay absurd charges for 1-good-song/14-shitty-songs CDs. Thanks to the RIAA, musicians cannot make money from their works until 75+ years after they are dead. by SaulReport definition
  • Rich irragant ASsholes who have no life but to bang up everyone elses by makin p2p unlawful. click my start if you were to think that RIAA are homosexual! by Pok CuadraReport definition
  • Guess what, dudes and gals. The RIAA KNEW that optical disks (CDs/DVDs) have actually an average expected life of lower than twenty years, yet they STILL forced the DMCA. Now these are typically aggressively wanting to destroy p2p/peer-to-peer and also the MP3 sound structure since they wouldn't like individuals understand, with their earnings are at stake. by Guillermina MclarenReport definition
  • The reason why the quality of songs is certainly going along the lavatory. The business that kills off any potential for development and creativity in the songs world by implementing a unique criteria as to what IT thinks songs is supposed to be, and billing absurd costs simply to play your music. by Lacy MantheReport definition
  • 1 word: Assholes by CristiReport definition
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