What does Qwa mean in Urban Dictionary?

  • A synonym for queer. by Celina BraswellReport definition
  • exactly what?huh?When someone claims somethign and you have no clue what in hell is being conducted you need to reply with an agreeable 'qwa?'. Its nearly a wtf but its a lot more than a simple '?'. by Michele FellerReport definition
  • 1. the noise a quail tends to make.2. The uttering of a 'qwa' sound as a form of imaginative self-expression or launch; often related to bugging out3.South Asian term for "adjusting" by Enedina GamacheReport definition
  • a phrase to make use of when asking for someone to elaborate on which they indicate. Replaces "what?" by AntioneReport definition
  • a persons state of mind after remaining up for several days at any given time. Generally expressed as complete nonsense, silliness, or chaos, but always enjoyable toward person this kind of a situation. by CesarReport definition
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