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  • The charming Prince of BeanbeanKingdomhe is instead narcissistic, but still remains rather heroic, kawaii and good looking. ^_~1 by ColtonReport definition
  • A pyschotic bean dude which should become a "celebrity." by GeraldoReport definition
  • A scary Prince of Beanbean Kingdom. Their just look is in Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga. He pokes Weege inside behind along with his blade too many times. XD He's type of irritating, because anytime he flips his hair, the entire space or whatever shines. XD This means, HE IS A FAIRLY son!! by TiffanieReport definition
  • The gayass prince of the Beanbean Kingdom, very first debuting in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. He could be a sparkling, blond, green-skinned prince just who wears seafood nets and what is almost a skirt. He has a tendency to flip their tresses plenty, that causes the entire room to shine. Peasley is quite vain and has a large ego but probably a small...Prince Peasley's gift to Luigi ended up being a yellow flower and intentionally stabbing Luigi many times in the butt together with his small sword. Luigi has actually blushed around this sparkling prince sometimes through the online game. Today the fangirls cannot stop with the terrible number of yaoi and fanfiction between them.Peasley features however to sparkle since Superstar Saga. by ErnestoReport definition
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