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  • Prince Of Hell: Belial, Satan, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Lucifer, Laviathan, Mammon, Belphegor.Lucifer: (pride) once arch angel, who had been by historic research called - "Light Bearer." Due to their jealously of god, got cast regarding paradise for treason. 1/3 of all of the angels implemented him, and he is a convincing figure. This 1/3 of damned angels in fact operate on their own volition, but follow Lucifer's philosophy, complete chaos. Lucifer, among the highest angels, fled to planet because he wished to kill jesus three times, but were unsuccessful. He however awaits for judgment day where he will once again are not able to beat the pious and devoted, but he can still decide to try.Leviathan: (jealousy) And that day will two beasts be parted, one monster, a female called Leviathan in order to live inside abyss regarding the ocean across fountains of water; and (one other), a male known as Behemoth, which holds his upper body in a hidden desert whoever name's Dundayin, east regarding the garden of Eden. Leviathan had been a sizable whale-like ocean creature, who may have had 7 heads in accordance with some legends.Mammon: (greed)Belphegor: (sloth) demon of sloth and vanity. The demon associated with sin slough. by Solange SkeeterReport definition
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