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  • The act of a failure; on perhaps not attain a desire goal/dream.Used in many community forums, as a means of stating that person is a true failure to individual sort or other deposit related insult. by RodolfoReport definition
  • a way of revealing severe and/or pitiful failure. Additionally, a deep failing so badly that the one who were unsuccessful doesn't need the proper spelling of 'fail' and therefore the 'f' is replaced with a 'ph'. by Manual JusticeReport definition
  • an amount of fail that's between fail and epic fail. by LarryReport definition
  • Having a Ph.D at a failure. Frankly, anyone is BEYOND failure with lack of a saving sophistication in the eyes of other people. Usually for a marginal mistake, lacking understanding or reasoning according to a specific form of good sense or perhaps in some instances a life choice that'll never be glorified because of the "in" crowd. by Sabrina AmmannReport definition
  • To seduce an instructor, usually male with blond hair and deep blue eyes. by Celina BraswellReport definition
  • Super-mega-ultra phail. A portmanteau regarding the words 'phallus' and 'fail'.As defined by specific people in The Evaluation Lounge. by Brigida HartnettReport definition
  • exactly like a fail, but spelled with a "PH" for focus. by ColtonReport definition
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