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  • Polylactic acid. A brand new synthetic (usually created from corn) which becoming popular in customer items (such synthetic glasses) because it is compostable. Due to its recent introduction, most people are unaware that chewing polylactic acid trigger a high. by LashellReport definition
  • individuals Liberation ArmyThe name of military of those's Republic of China.The PLA comprises three branches:*PLA (People's Liberation Army)The Army may be the really basis of armed forces, composed of "grunts" taught to be infantry for typical land warfare. Like any other nation's armed forces, it's artillery (like tanks also armor), special causes, designers, and basic infantry.*PLAN (People's Liberation Army Navy)the master plan is a lot like other navy, as it has actually ship all kinds (like warships, companies, and submarines). The master plan has also a Marine Corps, although it's less higher level, or effective, while the USMC.*PLAAF (individuals Liberation Army Air Force)The PLAAF is much like some other nation's airforce in that it has plane of kinds. China is trying out UAV's (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).The PLA is had by the PRCCMC (People's Republic of China Central army Commission), which can be operate by a chairman, frequently a general.The PLA additionally specializes in areas concerning C4I (Command, Control, Communications, Computers & Intelligence), space and, needless to say, atomic arsenal.In China, people are needed to get in on the military upon graduation from school. In otherwords, unlike various other sources saying so, the setup isn't a draft, but apparently, conscription. by Elmira TorbertReport definition
  • The Device Losers of The United States. PLA is a team of people who enjoy making prank phone calls, exploting phone technology, and achieving enjoyable. by Clemmie CabanaReport definition
  • Astoundingly flexible, meaningless yet entirely meaningful word/sound. Can be used in virtually any situation as a replacement for almost any term someone aren't able to find or remember, or simply as sound. Pla. Additionally the Welsh term for Plague, which adds humorous meaning into word. by AlainaReport definition
  • An acronym for "parking area Action". Pronounced "play". It is the work of getting sex in an establishment's parking area. Getting your smash on inside parking lot. Gettin some play in the parking lot. Generally whenever heavily intoxicated, one will pick-up a stranger at a bar and also have intercourse within the parking lot vs. getting the other person know where they live.It could also be used as an adjective to describe a female just who appears like she's got the possibility to execute dastardly deeds in parking lot. by GeraldoReport definition
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