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  • Letters Meaning: crotch Generating CallSimply being a call meant to a random brawd in hopes that it'll someday in the future result in gettin some. by Celina BraswellReport definition
  • PGC - "Pinoy Gangsta Crips", A Filipino Gang. It started as soon as the OG associated with the x3 crips "Gambino" had a beef with his user "SLIMM". The beef is approximately the principles associated with the management of x3 Crips. The x3 Crips is split by 2,the other users stay in the x3 Crips,and the others choose Slimm. Slimm founded the PGC (Pinoy Gangsta Crips) and additionally they had been knowned since the "Anti" (Anti Rules), by the x3 Crips as "Pro" (Pro rules). Many years later on the creator of this PGC "SLIMM" passed away on a fight. Now days PGC is still straight down using their new OG "K-OZZ". by Nickolas YutzyReport definition
  • Poop Gym Chicken - An expression used (much like Jersey Shore's GTL - Gym Tan Laundry) when one should ease him/her self in the bathroom, before training at gymnasium. Following the fitness center, it really is after that lunch/dinner time. by BuddyReport definition
  • An abbreviation for "Program Chain," a series of video/audio data on a DVD. On a film DVD numerous PGCs tend to be linked collectively to make a VTS (movie Title Set). A PGC may also be a shorter bit of content, for instance the FBI caution common to movie DVDs. by Karina KrampReport definition
  • "Pedophile-Goldigger few" or "Pedophile-Goldigger Combinations". Whenever an older guy (usually in the late thirties or older) pursues more youthful women (20's or younger) for provide of financial protection in exchange for a sexual commitment or a relationship without material. If you're nonetheless in school, it will likely be a shock to you that people will stoop this reasonable to get some body. If you are older, this should disgust you since older men believe this behavior is perfectly acceptable. by Lashawna PierpontReport definition
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