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  • Nice Booty Bitches - an alternative to huge booty bitches. NBB's are often white girls with nice asses which are not always huge. by AnjelicaReport definition
  • National Blue Beret, aka NBB for acronym-inclined people, is the form of "fun" in which people in a secretly open company into the general public do random summer time things and string them together. This cadet activity includes process Thirst (THANK YOU!), no-cost programs which have showcased comedians like Jeff Dunham, flight-line marshalling numerous planes, volleyball, poking fun at very first year rookies, finding indicators that a lot of folks do not know also exist, and most of most, 17 times of life from the world as it is well known to-be "civilized". Customs consist of Tiger-Tails, the Rubber Chicken (and ensuing requirement to attain it), and the sorta unique GDB Ring. by GeneviveReport definition
  • (Nose blow burn) The inevitable chaffing of this nose due to excessive snot blowing and wiping. by ColtonReport definition
  • acronym for dark blue buddy. it's a really intimate commitment that arises from two friends who happen to notice one-day they both have a wardrobe that's composed with a majority of dark blue clothes. this relationship is not damaged. as soon as a nbb, always a nbb. by Cecil OlberdingReport definition
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