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  • Navy Marine Corps Intranet. Affectionately generally "Non Mission Capable Web". Its probably the most half-assed contracted business that includes ever been conceived, next to SPAWAR. About SPAWAR has got the competence over that of a 7 year-old. The absolute most glichiest and straight back dated computer software that you can buy. It will half load webpages 99per cent of the time and is no anywhere near dependable. It epically fails in speed and dependability. It has a tendency to give 2-3 randomly pointless updates everyday that causes one to stop your projects to reboot your personal computer. It wont even allow you to see video clips from the whitehouse.gov web site. For whatever reason a recently available computer software up-date enables you to wait and wait and wait to the point you pray that a pointless package pops up with a link to visit to log down. Exactly what took place into simple start/shutdown/log off option and go-about your way? Wait, that could make way too much good sense because its NMCI. by GregoryReport definition
  • Navy Marine Corps Intranet. The worst fucking bastards into the whole military. A bunch of cunts. Queers. The nerdiest pieces of shit you will ever meet. The people you stuffed in lockers back senior school. Typically they hire son or daughter molesters. They frequently jerk-off eachother in group jerks. by Solange SkeeterReport definition
  • Navy aquatic Corps Intranet. Military agreement operate by EDS who was recently bought by HP. General customers include Navy and Marine assholes also fucking foolish to determine basic computer system use. They generally hire high quality staff members but have actually increased turnover because of the horrid task of getting to deal with the worst & most inexperienced our military is offering. That is often one step below the basic populace of a Federal Prison. by DevonaReport definition
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