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  • Meador...the name fond of unknown types that reside in the sewers of communities. Meadors are hardly ever seen and only emerge through the night to scavenge for food. Often huge animals, Meadors are becoming who they really are when you're bullied by colleagues. If you ever find one of these simple beings, kindly report them to the police immediately, for scientists are learning their particular uncommon mind features and diet. Meadors typically speak in little grunts or mumbles. These animals might appear adorable in the beginning, but do not fall for their particular fake tears and puffy cheeks, since they are only a distraction to truly get you in their stomach. by Kendra DearingReport definition
  • A person who has actually a psychological complex caused from youth. Often times caused from becoming bullied by colleagues typically from another type of race or cultural history. It causes a compulsive obsession to arguing along with other people as a hobby no matter any logic or explanation. Usually, arguments can be irrational, unreasonable and sometimes even silly sometimes. The Meador locates great comfort and pleasure in getting other people to distribute to their viewpoints and will not visit anything until his viewpoint is respected. If he cannot accomplish this, he becomes very insecure and even more obnoxious. If he can maybe not win his arguments, he'll usually make use of racist analogies to prove his point.Side effects – This psychologic abuse as a young child may lead him becoming confused with his own identity and often leads him to believe that he is from an alternate race/background. by Cyrstal VarneyReport definition
  • a cool fun-loving person with a good character and a hot human anatomy by BradReport definition
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