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  • where Plymouth working class and universitygraduates satisfy !Data entry for mail that Royal Mail sorting machines cannot review !Graduates graveyard ! by Brigida HartnettReport definition
  • One of several centres of serious embarrassment to Royal Mail, employing teens and ladies to manually feedback target information the very expensive mail sorting machine can not review. For risk of working carpel tunnel syndrome and repetitive stress injury a small annual pittance is renumerated to these fortunates; with advantages of no recognition, no incentive and marketing only by sleep hopping with ugly male supervisors. If you'd like the word DOORMAT tattooed on your own mind, after that working within MDEC would-be a perfect employment opportunity for you. by MelonieReport definition
  • An office based environment built to pull most of the life and aspiration away from you.in which your just sancuary is the commodes where you only have 5 minutes before the lights go-off and it becomes a game title of blind mans wipe and cleansing your hands under the taps may result in third level burns.keyers tend to be under paid and food from the vending devices require a morgage.The mdec is rife with contaminated keyboards and an arsonist employed in the canteen(in the event that poison dont get you the burnt salad will).If for some reason a keyer is not able to attend a WTL session(aka nap time) it can require an email from your own mum.Rife with thieves (aka romec)6 guys,6 months,6 grand to improve a light bulb.word-of caution you'll be told to move chairs at some time in the event that you talk to a lot,talk to little,yawn,scatch your nose or any element of that person,get below 98%,turn your face,adjust your seat,blink or do anything of the nature.As really as providing an extensive range of working hours including part-time, this shift can be provided off to the raise,which generally seems to work less hours than anyone.Generous parking facitilies might be offered to staff members and this does increase up as a employee children's pool after a quick spell of rain.To Sum up outstanding location to work!! by FerneReport definition
  • somewhere featuring the suffering of hell combined with the mindless tedium of purgatory. The minnions (or WGMs) are gernally fat oily males or appealing younger blondes with bedded the fat oily guys, who patrol the region, strutting around looking crucial, and making sure that the mortals (or Keyers) keep taking a look at their particular displays all the time. Typical expressions usually heard at MDEC tend to be:"You should be back keying by now" (definition "you tend to be 15 moments late back from break and I also'm trying to enforce my authority. My Jesus I Am so essential.")"Would you want to see your seeds?" ("You dared to create a mistake last week and I also'm going to think about it to you")"ill absence is still too high" ("We allow you to book your annual leave 1 . 5 years ahead of time and today you reveal you want everyday down?")"we quit" ("we stop")The typical "life-span" (enough time it will require for a keyer to become therefore desparately tired of the job which they run out crying) is eighteen months. by Isabelle MusanteReport definition
  • Guide Data Entry Centre. Royal Mail's concept of legalised slavery, spending sub-standard wages for a job this is certainly not any longer what was reported inside staff members contract. Operate by match wearing gibbons, and run because of the bad overlord, "two jags" peter "erm erm erm, i dont know any single thing" fenton. by Harvey MaudlinReport definition
  • Handbook Information Entry Centre. An enormous office containing 500 information entry keyers, all keying details the Royal Mail, enduring sub-standard wages/working conditions. Functions consist of supervisors that walk around/watch everyone else work and apparently provide no function except for paid lots and do f*** all. by MelanyReport definition
  • Hell in the world by Brooks BengeReport definition
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