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  • MDA is short for Muff Divers Association. They certainly were a group of bad-ass fuckers from Upstate ny inside 1980"s. Also called the "MDA Hardcore Unit" . Chief ended up being Rudy, a legendary mutha that would host epic functions. The membership were all best friends who does party difficult, but constantly had both's back. RIP Rudy! No Muff Too Hard, We Dive At Five! by MervinReport definition
  • signifies Myspace show ofAffectionused when people renders an affectionate touch upon myspace by Cyrstal VarneyReport definition
  • represents Mysterious Drinking injuries, occuring after a heavy nights reckless ingesting. One awakens the following day locate bruises, scrapes, cuts, etc. and NO recollection of the way they got there. by Santiago HulbertReport definition
  • Common nomenclature for 3,4-Methylenedioxy-Amphetamine. Related to MDMA (Ecstasy) but different, at the very least effects-wise. Essentially it is like moving but not as tactile (usually no full human anatomy sexual climaxes like X), much less empathetic and lovey-dovey. Having said that, it provides a powerful feeling of euphoria and bliss, provides some crazy visuals, and improves music to an INSANE degree. The music enhancement 's the reason that some DJs prefer it to MDMA. Usually within commercial ecstasy pills, passed off as MDMA. Occasionally some lone-wolf chemist will likely make a lot for themselves and their friends. by Harvey MaudlinReport definition
  • Myspace display of affection. Whenever one flaunts their enthusiast all-over their particular myspace. The term frequently denotes clinginess (as does PDA). Signs which you have actually a lot of MDA:1.) Your headline has actually their particular name and/or day.2.) You have a number of images of only all of them, from his or her myspace, not taken with/by you. 3.) You say something universal and cliche like "I like him such, he's my world, he is constantly indeed there for me personally, i cannot live without him.4.) You have even more images people also than images of simply you or perhaps you with other pals. by Roman RenardReport definition
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