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  • An obese Aardvark.When the BMI of an Aardvark is equivalent to or more than 30, your pet is called a "Laardvark".Causality is known is a) hereditary or b) environmental or c) both.The genetic element is believed to impact the "off" switch in creatures ant-vacuum system, making the suction running beyond the total point, so to speak.The environmental component may be because of our culture of modern-day conveniences. The vast range and easy accessibility to candied ants are thought to be at fault.The mixture of genetic disposition and a sweet enamel, or Aardvarks with gluttonous inclinations are seen, but not recorded. by Carmella HuckinsReport definition
  • A fucking lazy animal. Something which would lay with its very own poop if it didn't smell by Evalyn SegarsReport definition
  • n. - a human of diminutive yet rotund stature; usu. with limbs a lot smaller compared to the ratio their dimensions would imply as natural; likeness seen most useful when they are tilting over everybody's plate at supper with their stubby arms propped in the tablepronunciation: lard'-vark by Ian HaoReport definition
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