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  • frequently refering to a girl: beautiful, wise, funny, goofball with cheese, exceedingly stunning, a fantastic person in most aspect, and ends up with a rose.... @-}--- by PatriciaReport definition
  • A ratchet girl from south Florida whon't just take shit from any person and whoops a bitch's butt when she must. She's beautiful, outstanding singer, caring, loving, hilarious, and loves to make people laugh. by Breann RemleyReport definition
  • 'Kick Your Ass'a band of ppl which do not look cool nonetheless they really do cool shiz (really a few of them do..) some individuals believe they truly are cool but other individuals do not, views vary according to how well you realize a member(s)opinion: uber coolopinion: cyber dorks by Bernadette HummerReport definition
  • Kay yeah alright.A a little more passive-aggressive method to say "okay."alternatively, a straight up misspelling of kay.Is rarely spoken aloud. Don't worry about how exactly it's pronounced. by Yessenia MitraReport definition
  • Kick your butt. by Cyrstal VarneyReport definition
  • Kya is typically a girls title, in addition spelled kaya and kyah, kya is one of breathtaking girl on the planet this woman is smart, funny, thin, athletic, pretty, breathtaking, gorgeous, sexy, type, knowledgeable, attractive, accountable, awesome, helpful, sporty, cool, intelligent, nice, cooperative, and all around a genuinely great individual, this woman is confident and popular with everyone because of her personality, she takes relationships really and won't harm people deliberately, she cares about other people in a way people do not, kya is an excellent buddy who will always be there for your needs, and will assistance with your problems, kya places other people before herself and certainly will never ever quit to-be ideal she will be... by Alton BoykoReport definition
  • Kick Your Ass by DanaeReport definition
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