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  • A 'Gwa' is an individual with a broad chernobyl aim to all of them. They've a recessed chin, overbite, a-sharp or overlarge nose, sluggish attention and/or often associated with other rat-like functions. The recessed chin and overbite is necessary. They truly are most useful determined by witnessing a side profile. Its almost like their chin becomes one with regards to throat. Think of the film "Gummo" or your typical trailer rubbish. The defination was made by Jennicartoon.com after seeing the evolving "look" of people. These "gwa's" got their name by basically appearing like the only real term they could spit past their stonehenge teeth will be "Gwa!" by Anneliese ByrumReport definition
  • Ginger With Attitude by Mildred HeffronReport definition
  • Ginger With Attitude!used in brittish military to describe squadies with ginger tresses by Ka DeansReport definition
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