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  • Gk could be the concept of Ginger Kid. In this instance we call GK and then those ginger young ones that go online and like to troll. by Jeanetta Report definition
  • quick for " good kid"opposite of a negative kid which sucks butt by Ronnie Report definition
  • GOOD child by Anneliese Byrum Report definition
  • Ghetto King by Bobbie Report definition
  • brief for Gumma Killer, utilized as another term for pimp; someone who gets a lot of women. by Elmira Torbert Report definition
  • An online video gaming clan that started in 1998 in dark dirty basements into the Pacific Northwest (USA). The clan initially played Rainbow Six, but has since shifted to Battlefield 1942 and the subsequent releases and Mods. Many perpetrate become GK, in fact numerous have actually stolen title hoping of getting a few of the skills possessed because of the founding parent. A clan in Europe features also made a site calling themselves GK. There is certainly one real GK!The authentic founding dads included:GK_SWooP, GK_joneZr, GK_Slick, GK_Nooch, GK_Money$hot, and GK_Wheelsofsteel. The meaning of GK is a secret held because of the clan members themselves.GK's have sworn oath to eliminate all smacktards."carry it on Bitches" ~ GK_Money$hot by Marlys Montana Report definition
  • Go Kinky by Ferne Report definition
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