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  • Most commonly known as being an acronym for the phrase "Get Shit Done". In this context 'Shit' may refer to any action or person. To GSD or a GSDer is one who is constantly multitasking and keeping themselves busy- annoying the fuck out of those who wanna chill. by Deetta BrinnReport definition
  • "Gettin' shit done" or "Get shit done"mainly used to stop educators and moms and dads to overhear you swearing in school or another formal setting, to add spice to a discussion every now and then, or perhaps in texting conversations with the personality matter running minimum. by Kourtney GrubbReport definition
  • Getting Shit Done / Getting Stuff Done.When you're through with complaining about all work you have and you just plow through it because it must happen. May appear as a day, a specific block period, a week, etc. frequently seen in Facebook statuses towards the end associated with the semester.GSD is caused through severe bout of procrastination, not receiving work done frequently, therefore having to set aside long quantities of time and energy to disappear completely and obtain shit done. by Eva ValerioReport definition
  • Gettin' Shit Done. Frequently referring to some form of work (i.e. homework). by Lashon HensenReport definition
  • Abbreviated formulation of "Get Shit Done". Popular aided by the hashtag expression. The hashtag it self may either be articulated aloud or kept implicit by the orator. But "GSD" needs to be stated in a douchey or fratboy tone.The expression "GSD" frequently uses a person's completion or achievement of a task of administrative nature. by Kelley KikerReport definition
  • Gender and Sexual Diversity. The original acronym had been LGBT, but men and women held adding letters for any other things therefore became such things as LGBTQQIIPAA also it just got outrageous. GSD is all-inclusive. by Sherman MatlockReport definition
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