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  • A 12 yr old son or daughter, whom plays a casino game called "Five Nights at Freddie's" 24/7, and only covers it. FNAFAGS should be averted because they drive men and women crazy. by Eva ValerioReport definition
  • a fresh, but rapidly rising harmful fandom that is out there up towards the top with furfags and cloppers. FNAFAGS are often prepubescent middle schoolers whom obsess throughout the indie scary online game Five Nights at Freddy's created by Scott Cawthon, just who fundamentally overthrew Notch in his throne given that supreme squeaker god. FNAFAGS will thoughtlessly put their cash at every online game in the team that's released, after that check out get frightened, perhaps not play any of the games they purchased, watching some youtuber play it alternatively. Many FNAFAGS are into FNAF Porn, making all of them borderline furverts or furfags. You can easily spot FNAFAGS infecting the youtube remark areas, usually with badly attracted fan art as his or her profile image. They'll proceed to identify their particular accounts the brands of this characters into the online game (most commonly Foxy the Pirate) and blurt aside annoying phrases like "ITS ME" or "INHALE MY DONG (a reference to an admirer online game generally Five Nights at Fuckboys)". FNAFAGS can always be found on any of Smike's movies, arguing either about some dumbass conspiracy theory in regards to the game, or arguing with Smike's old group of followers about how exactly FNAF is more advanced than Skyrim. by LeopoldoReport definition
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