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  • An equalist thinks in equivalence for many. No body individual surpasses others and everyone desearves equal liberties in society. by Lindsey CocklinReport definition
  • An equalist is noble, smart wo/man that believes when you look at the equal treatment, but not superiority or inferiority, of all individuals, including genders, events, cultural groups, etc. Equalists speak the truth, and sometimes the facts's blinding light scorches chauvinists. Be careful, Dick Masterson, the facts of equality will quickly burn off holes in your heart! Er, ahem... equalists, eg myself, will combat for many individuals, guys, women, blacks, whites, Catholics, Buddhists, and so forth. Gender-Specific Equalists are VERY typical, together with astounding amount of these folks outweigh the sexists definitely. Racial-Specific Equalists are a little less frequent, but increasingly more tend to be showing up everyday, fortunately! Religious-Specific Equalists tend to be nearly as common as Gender Equalists, thank you for your requirements. Simply take pride in anyone who you might be becuase it's not your own skin, gender, or religion that determine who you really are, but your actions! by Lacy MantheReport definition
  • 1) person who believes all posses particular rights. The standard of these rights being: life, control, expresion. These liberties tend to be limited by the rights of other individuals.2) Person who defends the legal rights of, whithout discriminating the opposition's liberties. Such a single opposes segregating terms such as for example: "black energy", "white energy", "feminism", etc... by Yvonne MerrowReport definition
  • an individual who does not believe that men or females tend to be superior, but alternatively that both genders are corresponding to each other and functions upon that belief. by CaroleReport definition
  • People who trust equality regarding the sexes but they are misinformed about feminism's goals, and dislike feminist radical personalities.Equalism is an offshoot of feminism for folks who don't like becoming branded a feminist. by Idella WhippleReport definition
  • Equalist: the fact all women and men need equal legal rights and opportunitiesFull concept of Equalist: the theory of political, economic, and social equality of this sexes and cultural groupsSame thing as feminism, but prevents the negative connotations and prevents others from becoming caught up on semantics. by Deetta BrinnReport definition
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