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  • A negative term which may be utilized as a verb,adverb,noun. It may practically be used for everything. by Darleen ZawislakReport definition
  • an individual who is just too stupid become a doofus. by LatrinaReport definition
  • (caution: may offend spiritual persons)A slang, usually used by Athiests/Agnostics (may also be used by other religions people) to offend someone who feels something that they read which has regarding thier current religion... if they cannot prove it real, and noise naive about it.Mainly, pre-mature religious individuals who will be very first confronted with the religion that are is teached to them, are believed doafs, because they never ever reason and inquire to PROVE it is a fact at first... unless they usually have an IQ over 9000!!!At least 99.99999% of Christians avove the age of 18 are thought doafs. by LonReport definition
  • someone who is actually a dork and an oaf by AbbeyReport definition
  • Dick On A Fence- When someone attempts to measure a fence and either peanuts all of them self real difficult (DOAFSacked) or gets caught undecided therefore suspending them self from stated fence. by Marlys MontanaReport definition
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