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  • In anime/manga it really is an acronym for Death Note. by Wynell SaltzReport definition
  • Usually a stick armed asian kid with glasses that ripps men and women off here, cash, with no sense theoratically may be gay also, with a nervous look on their face(could be used to describe someone who acts like a Dn additionally) by LacyReport definition
  • screen name (frequently talking about instant messaging) by Deedee TittleReport definition
  • DEES NUTS. A trick played on an opponent or buddy while cutting one another down or simply to break the ice. Whenever friens and foes alike have grown to be acquainted with the laugh it is also diguised as DELTA power NOVEMBER save. by Evalyn SegarsReport definition
  • An acronym for dirt nigger plus it represents the white trash of black colored folks. by Jenny NicolosiReport definition
  • DO NothingThe act of accomplishing nothing while spending time with pals, partying, etc.Having no interest or knowlage of anythingmusic,movies,etc by MyrleReport definition
  • brief for Dick Nose.Also see: Dick Nose by Werner VitaReport definition
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