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  • a cocktail manufactured from Motts Clamato juice and vodka, with tabasco, worchestershire sauce, and salt-and-pepper to taste. The glass is rimmed with celery sodium and a lime and celery stick will be the most common garnish. Other garnishes consist of: hot pepper, pickle, asparagus spear by Mindy MustardReport definition
  • Term for going Ass to mouth.Often in reference to a sexual work. by LyleReport definition
  • (Verb)The act of gutting someone, wrapping their particular intestines around their particular throat, anchoring one end on a great item and overboarding all of them away from a cliff. Therefore, dangling them by their own entrails. by Michelina BurchfieldReport definition
  • (noun) nigga, slang for a black individual by Deidra FergusReport definition
  • Verb: indicating an "office coup" wherein an employee or an individual in an authoritative or semi-authoritative role (for example. a manager, senior vp, vp, director, associate director, etc.) is unceremoniously fired or demoted after bad comments from co-workers trickles up or along the sequence of command. by Victor KieserReport definition
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