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  • brief for Belgrade, capital city of Serbia. used generaly by youth. by Lindsey CocklinReport definition
  • BLACK GANGSTER DISCIPLE - A Chicago based street gang, established within the belated 60, early 70s numerous experts think they are the for-runner into Crips. Even though the BGD's frequently put on blue, it isn't mandatory. The most important way to inform members of this gang is through the direction they put on their particular caps using the top cocked off to the right. by NelsonReport definition
  • Black Gangster Disciple, a chicago based group from the individuals country. Their particular colors tend to be black-and-blue, all gang identifiers and signs are used off to the right for the human anatomy. The six pointed star of David, as well as the ascending facing pitchfork are generally utilized as emblematic. by Lacy MantheReport definition
  • Street Organization formed in Chi-town by King David given that Ebony Gangster Disciples. King David later died and team started infighting between King Shorty and Chairman Larry Hoover. Hoover formed todays Gangster Disciples and King brief created the Ebony Disciples. The 6-point celebrity plays on "Kind David" and typical symbols are the pitchfork created by protruding your middle finger and flexing your flash and index finger in the event that you lames were sickness E's. Another gang traced to BGD will be the New Breeds. But that's another story. by AureliaReport definition
  • The team began by David Barksdale, and Larry Hoover so as to deter physical violence in Chicago's group laden south side. Created within the late 60's very early 70's to combat the territorial battles between Ebony Gangster Disciples, and Vice Lord sets occupying the region. Colors associated with the business tend to be blue and black; crossing pitchforks while the six point celebrity tend to be connected symbolys. 6^ by Homer MoretReport definition
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