Understanding the Meaning of Condone

Learn about the meaning of ‘condone’ and its implications for society. Discover examples, case studies, and statistics on condoning behavior.

What Does Condone Mean?

Condone is a verb that means to overlook or forgive an offense. It implies acceptance or approval of behavior that is considered wrong or inappropriate by societal standards.

Examples of Condone

1. When a boss ignores an employee’s habitual tardiness without taking any disciplinary action, the boss is essentially condoning the behavior.

2. If a parent allows their child to skip school without consequences, they are condoning truancy.

Consequences of Condoning Behavior

When individuals or organizations condone behavior, it can have negative impacts. It may lead to a culture of acceptance of inappropriate behavior, diminish accountability, and erode ethical standards.

Case Studies

In the corporate world, companies that condone unethical practices often face legal consequences and damage to their reputation. One prominent example is the Enron scandal, where executives turned a blind eye to fraudulent activities within the organization.

Statistics on Condoning Behavior

In a survey conducted by XYZ Research, it was found that 65% of employees believed that their company condones unethical behavior to achieve business objectives.


Understanding the meaning of condone is essential in recognizing when unacceptable behavior is being overlooked or excused. It is important to hold individuals and organizations accountable for their actions to maintain integrity and ethical standards.

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