z in a sentence

Sentence with the word z

For example, all pronouns like first person *zō violate markedness because plain *z is so rare in his convoluted phonology while palatal *ź is used to explain almost everything see his list of 'z words' here where his diacritic bias is self-evident.

Let x, y, z, and t denote the coordinates and syn - chronized clock times used by E in his spaceship refer - ence frame S; and let x′, y′, z′, and t′ denote the corre - sponding quantities used by E′ in S′.

Z-- z-- z-- z! as I ducked to the saddle-bow, and something scraped across my back with a sound as of rending garments.

W + x + y + z = 4 (6) and W² + x² + y² + z² = 1 (7) are equations in which their number is four.

I think it's S, z, c, z-- _ [Lina gives him her visiting-card].

She reeled in, slowly and steadily for a moment, and then, whiz -- z-- z! off he dashed again.

When the triangle _a z n_, by settling, drives backwards the 2/3 of each 1/2 circle that is _a s_ and in the same way _z m_, the reason is that _a_ is perpendicularly over _b_ and so likewise _z_ is above

Slide 50: The Formula zi+1 = zi2 + c (1) where z0: = 0 + 0i c: = x + yi for every pixel: z →0⇒z ∈ M z → ∞ ⇒z ∈ M /

& Estimate & Std. Error & z value & Pr ($> $$ | $z$ | $) \

CA's Wily APM software already provides support for managing mission critical applications running on distributed and mainframe systems, including z/OS® and Linux® on System z®, and the ability to monitor transactions across these environments.

Yeah, I got a whole Z of chronic, let's take a bake break.

1: "What is the best letter ever?"2: "Z, of course.

život - life, живот

AiGhT PpL I g2g LaTeRZZZzz!!!!!!!11

240z, 260z, 280zx, 300zx, 350z

1. ABZDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 2. You see that? It was Z going 90 down the street. 3. Gonna go home and get me some zZz's.

Should be: Zylophone, Zenophobia, Ezited "Z is a pretty useless letter, but we love it anyways...

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