yielding in a sentence

Sentence with the word yielding

'The _method and nature_ of this yielding' [of _this yielding_ -- SUBJECTION is the question] 'must also be diligently examined; as, _for instance_, whether the motions' [ 'of liberty'] 'completely cease, or exert themselves, but are constrained; for in all bodies with which we are acquainted, _there is no real, but an apparent rest, either in the whole, or in the parts_.

Thor came to rescue Bill, and once again yielding Stormbreaker, Bill tricked the Skrulls and defeated them.

The utility of a bottom up approach in yielding accurate descriptions of systems in no way implies that the causal origin of such systems can be accounted for this way.

To all appearances, a runaway yacht was careering madly over the bight, and now and again yielding a little bit to control in a desperate effort to make Benicia.

I know that I was weak in yielding to my mother's will.

The head of discipline came in yielding a scissors.

Even yielding is what a knight does on the field of battle when he accepts that he has lost.

Exhaustion and sleep deprivation are effective in yielding confessions.

If half of GMAC is monetized and the capital is put in short-term yielding instruments, the analyst estimates that GM would forego about $2.5 billion $4 per share in cash proceeds over the next five years.

For his mistake was less in yielding to passion than in putting himself in a situation where he could be rejected, where his own strange sense that one can treat the heart as duty bound might not be sufficient grounds for securing another's passion.

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  • Sentence for "yielding"
  • Synonym for "yielding"
    • obsequious, attentive, flexible, compliant, accommodating
  • Antonym for "yielding"
    • opposition
  • Phrases for "yielding"
    • yielding results, yielding money, Lebanon yielding, Before yielding, conditions yielding
  • Rhyme for "yielding"
    • Fielding, shielding, unyielding, wielding
  • Hypernym for "yielding"
    • relinquishment, relinquishing
  • Equivalent for "yielding"
    • soft, docile, compromising, flexible, conciliatory
  • Form for "yielding"
    • overyielding
  • Verb Stem for "yielding"
    • yield
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