wait in a sentence

Sentence with the word wait

September 9th, 2008 9:00 pm ET wait for it…..wait for it…..here comes her hillary-ous punch line…..in just 10 seconds

Thus, an infixed - um - is characteristic of many intransitive verbs with personal pronominal suffixes, e.g., sad - “to wait, ” sumid-ak “I wait”; kineg “silent, ” kuminek-ak “I am silent.

Line was about 40-45 people, guessing the wait is at least half an hour – too long based on my time/cost benefit analysis.

But I have to wait such a long time for it (because all the time I have to wait is to long).

During a typical mid-week afternoon the wait is about 15-20 minutes.

If you've been wondering when the first universal 3D glasses would finally arrive, the wait is almost over: You can now pre-order XpanD's X103 model through Amazon. com.

So now that the wait is almost over, how well can we expect it to do in the ratings?

If you are among the Twilight faithful anxiously awaiting the listing of acts to be featured on the soundtrack for “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”, your wait is almost over!

Bella realizes that the reason Edward wants to wait is to protect her virtue, which she finds very funny.

Later on Olbermann, The Washington Post†™ s Jim VanDeHei (who also has “some of the best sources in Washington”) assures us the wait is almost over: “I do not think we†™ ll see any extension of this grand jury.

Dad: Let's have pancakes for dinner.Kid: Wait. Did you say we are having pancakes for dinner?Dad: Wait for what? Yes, a whole breakfast for dinner!Kid: Wait. Can I invite Carly over for pancakes?Dad: What are we waiting for? No, Carly is irritating.Kid: Wait. Can we have hash browns too?Dad: Why are we still waiting? Yes, hash browns are delicious.Kid: Wait. Carly loves hash browns!

Can't drink no more, got work at 7' 'WAIT YOLO

-Ms. Vivona... can you help me with my essay? -It's gonna have to wait. I suck at life.

Yeah, I'll do your homework for you.. wait!" "Yeah, that's really funny, wait.

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  • Synonym for "wait"
    • watch, observe, stay, await, accompany
  • Verb Forms for "wait"
    • waited, waiting, waits
  • Phrases for "wait"
    • wait till, Wait wait, Can't wait, can wait, to wait
  • Rhyme for "wait"
    • Ate, Cate, Est, Fate, Haight
  • Hyponym for "wait"
    • stick around, bushwhack, stand-by, ambush, cool one's heels
  • Hypernym for "wait"
    • inactivity, work
  • Cross Reference for "wait"
    • attend, to lay wait, to wait attendance, to wait on, to lie in wait
  • Equivalent for "wait"
    • to wait upon
  • Etymologically Related for "wait"
    • watch, wake
  • Same Context for "wait"
    • try, ride, walk, go, stay
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