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A person familiar with the dialect of certain portions of Massachusetts will not fail to recognize, in ordinary discourse, many words now noted in English vocabularies as archaic, the greater part of which were in common use about the time of the King James translation of the Bible.

When I took a year of Spanish Literature with the University of Zacatecas, I found that the University Instructors spoke almost exactly as my neighbors with the exception that their vocabularies were a lot more extensive.

He prepared goody bags of provocative T-shirts and coffee mugs, toy parrots spewing swear-word vocabularies and key fobs that emitted orgasmic moans.

This verges on the topic of controlled vocabularies, which is definitely one for another post.

The White House hopeful downplayed any expectations people may have had of his skills by repeating that he was going up against "wordsmiths" who have the kind of vocabularies that would, he said, give them an edge.

The Burgett and Hendler "vocabularies" have nothing but contempt for the "discourse of expertise," i.e., traditional language scholarship.

This was pretty interesting, but clearly not about "vocabularies" per se.

Yahoo already supports a lot of the different 'vocabularies' of the rich meta data to present events, movies, products and many other categories.

His initial steps exploring connections among their distinct vocabularies and grammars established the branch of linguistic study that would later be named Indo-European.

In general, the permeability of vocabularies between speakers of languages is vastly increased when their writing systems overlap.

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