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When reading the first five-issue story arc, from the covers drawn by the Sharp Brothers to Molnar's closing image of Zeus within the pages of the first issue, it becomes quickly apparent that Zeus 'physical visage is based on Chiklis' own image.

These days, maintenance of the Golden Temple's exquisite visage is entrusted to one single man: 67-year-old Takesato Yagyu.

Alas though my visage is seen, my name is absent from the article, as I am referred to as the anonymous "Mr. Drinkwater's second".

I'm not exactly Stephen King -- people don't know my name, my frightening visage is not seen in the front row of Yankees/Red Sox games, and oh yeah, millions of people don't buy my books based on the byline alone -- but I get asked the above question relatively often.

To the people of the Western Hemisphere and Western Europe -- and to at least some in Asia -- the Communist visage is again what it was in 1952.

Lord, despised of man, abhorred of the nation, but before whom kings on seeing Him are to arise, and princes to worship; in visage more marred than any man and His form than the sons of men, yet sprinkling many nations; laboring seemingly in vain, and spending His strength for naught and in vain, yet Jehovah's Servant to raise up the tribes of

The speaker was a tall, shambling, loose-jointed man, with a long, thin visage, prominent watery blue eyes, very fluttering and seedy habiliments, who occupied the responsible position of first do-nothing-in-ordinary in our village of Oldtown, and as such I must introduce him to my readers 'notice.

Ralph looked on him and deemed he had seen him before, but could not altogether call his visage to mind; so he held his peace and the man went on.

There was so much plausibility, and, in fact, so much truth in all this, that conviction was unwillingly admitted by Borroughcliffe, who walked aside a moment to conceal the confusion which, in spite of his ordinary inflexibility of countenance, he felt was manifesting itself in his rubric visage, while he muttered:

But now their visage is marred (as is said of Christ, Isa.lii. 14); it is blacker than a coal; they look miserably, partly through hunger and partly through grief and perplexity.

That woman is a visage. I've just seen a visage.

Look at that guy, he is a total Visage.

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