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The praise of Nothing is very well versified from the Latin of Passerat, whose verses Dr. Johnson thought worthy of a place in his _Life of Lord

The earliest versified Bestiary, which is also a Volucrary, a Herbary, and a Lapidary, that of Philippe de Thaon (before 1135), is versified from the Latin _Physiologus_, itself a translation from the work of an Alexandrian Greek of the second century.

The incident of the viper and the kittens again, which he "versified" in _The

Pope "versified" some of Donne's rugged satires, and Johnson quoted passages from him as examples of the bad taste of the metaphysical poets.

These versified mnemonics are known as the "Interleaved Summaries of the Vinaya Discours".

Further, Payas complains that in his enthusiasm to set Aztec literature beside Classical Greek Garibay cut up the Nahuatl manuscript text into a versified form and introduced rhythm to conform to the classical Greek model.

One of the criticisms leveled against Garibay was his presentation of the text of the Aztec lyric poems in a versified form.

As the English writer Hilaire Belloc mordantly versified around this time: Whatever happens, we have got the Maxim gun, and they have not.

The way that Tsongkhapa versified it in his version is different from the way it appears in the root text.

A New Path to the Waterfall, published in the summer of 1989, includes fifteen versified passages from Chekhov, two from authors on fishing, six poems by other poets, fifty Carver poems sixteen published years before but uncollected.

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