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Native America • Found in China (Yunnan, Sichuan), India * Also called "uxorilocal": living with the uncle / mother's-brother

Note 118: CS 935; Proto-Ruvu * ujengele "marriage negotiations, uxorilocal marriage arrangements."

They practiced uxorilocal marriage, and they managed inheritance along the line of a woman's matrilineage.

Matrilineal bridges often factored in the clustering of families in particular coves and harbors; and matrilocal or uxorilocal residence patterns played a crucial role in community formation, as many couples established themselves on land already occupied by the wife or apportioned from or adjacent to the family property of the wife.

The technique gives the demographer something concrete to work with, for written records on men are much more readily available than those on women; but it certainly requires strenuous qualification if used in the Newfoundland context, for it mutes the matrilineal bridges and matrilocal/uxorilocal residence patterns that often predated patrilineal-patrilocal patterns in early settlement.

Matrilocal and uxorilocal residence patterns often featured in community formation, as male immigrants settled in the home communities of their wives.

Their presence provided the basis for population permanence, and matrilocal or uxorilocal residence patterns featured strongly in shaping the contours of settlement.

67 What the history of the lineage system suggests was surmised by anthropologist Marja-Liisa Swantz when she explained that "the Zaramo system was matrilineal and largely uxorilocal, but it had a clear bilineal emphasis, which made it highly adaptable."

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