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Sentence with the word unselfconsciousness

Of course he had that extraordinary sans-gêne of all those men, that absolute unselfconsciousness which is not aware there is anyone else in the room but himself and the lady he is bent upon; but instead of being discreet, and making a semblance of taking an interest in the rest of the company, as the Vicomte did, he just sprawled into a chair near her, monopolised her conversation, and stared blankly in front of him whenever she spoke to any one else.

At least in OBEM, they have a baby at the end, all gunk and unselfconsciousness, and I never don't cry.

Having only just set out on the path to unselfconsciousness ...

Working in a vacuum is good for me; it's as unselfconsciousness as you can get.

As if trapped in the old equation of religion with the eternal sleep of tradition, Jager seems almost prepared to keep the equation while reversing its values — that is, to mobilize religion as a way of defending unselfconsciousness itself.

A running joke on Twitter is all in good fun, but I find the unselfconsciousness of this little political gag to be a comforting reflection of the way that the larger trend around this election is moving as well.

For in his wonderful "Finch", it is the indifference and unselfconsciousness of birds that he celebrates.

Hawaii was beautiful, and its genius lay in its look, like a new flower opening, like a starfish cluster of fragile fluttering petals, whose bright primary colors gave it an air of unselfconsciousness and false innocence.

Surprise is a big element in humor--we laugh in startlement-- and I suppose E.M.'s extreme competence and unselfconsciousness--as a woman--is a surprise in itself.

Elaine May's ability to channel a variety of real-life female characters with complete unselfconsciousness word check doesn't seem to like that word, but I do is a big thing that makes her funny.

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