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Sentence with the word ubiquitous

His own goal was to see us reach the same state in respect of computing - hence the term ubiquitous computing.

So ubiquitous is this t-shirt in Washington, even President Obama's supporters have appropriated it.

The need to cover one's nether regions, while not ubiquitous, is nearly so.

Here's an article that Greenfield wrote on the subject of ubicomp ethics, called "All watched over by machines of loving grace: Some ethical guidelines for user experience in ubiquitous-computing settings."

The fascinating thing about Web 2.0 and its coming shift to mobile/ubiquitous is that this will (and already does) create whole new cultural patterns that have to be understood in their own right.

The word ubiquitous was used in an article willi and I read shortly after the school year started in reference to student dress codes.

We had a fry-up with my housemates at Bon's (super cheap diner), then hit the road for a very quick touristy thing, driving up to Cypress Lookout and a quick walk in ubiquitous lovely forest.

The ever-astute Phil Agre offers several good links for those interested in ubiquitous computing.

His smiling face adorns Warsaw in ubiquitous advertisements and he was named the fourth-best athlete in Poland last year, finishing only behind Olympic medalists.

To encounter their vigilance with watchfulness as alert, to confound their swift counsels with sudden alarm, to penetrate their ambuscades and anticipate their cunning with incessant activity, to be, in short, ubiquitous, was the duty of Captain Lyon.

I can't get a date anymore because my stalker ex-girlfriend is always popping up like an ubiquitous psycho.

The ubiquitous little ants are annoying

Spectator: Wow! That playing is ubiquitous! Player: Yes, he's everywhere, I'm getting whooped!

Did you see that fight yesterday?" "Yea, she ubiquitous'd her good.

I've travelled all over the word, and air seems to be pretty ubiquitous

a) Yo, I ran train on that ho down in LA last week; shit, that bitch is frickin' ubiquitous! b) I'm spreadin' the word about this bay weed. We're tryin'a make this shit ubiquitous!

I want my words on urbandictionary.com to be ubiquitous, definition b), not esoteric

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