tunnellike in a sentence

Sentence with the word tunnellike

The road was narrow, winding tunnellike between hills that towered into the clear, empty sky.

And Harry was hurtling back out of those wide, tunnellike pupils and Gregorovitch's face was stricken with terror.

As he stepped into the tunnellike entry, he raised his own shields with as much strength as he could offer them.

He descended all the way down to the basement level and walked out into another tunnellike corridor, past a well-stocked wine cellar, dust covering great tankards of the finest Boacan brandy.

It led to a dark tunnellike hall, and a rickety wooden stair that wound up and down through the palace—obviously a stair for servants.

The kyree family that had gratefully traded this aerie for the dark tunnellike series of rooms pronounced themselves overjoyed to be leaving such a drafty, windswept perch, and had wondered why their parents had ever chosen it!

He twisted and turned through the tunnellike labyrinth of the rotenburo's corridors, sliding and sometimes crawling on his belly, always mindful of breaking up any rhythm to his movements.

Within the tunnellike passage through the wall, two sentries grounded their pikes.

It lighted up the tunnellike vista, painting rosy the shell path underfoot and revealing the Swastika beyond.

A moodily underlit, tunnellike space, it was originally decorated in garish hot colors (very Italian, very '70s); recently, though, it's been refinished in more muted tones.

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