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I was what they call a tractable child, being, in fact, too little interested in the world as it was to resent any duties cast upon me.

Interestingly, many pop boooks say the opposite; Oriental sighthounds, huskies, laikas are not neccessarily "tractable"-- they figure things out, and you must work with them.

He did not become docile by any means, but he was tractable, which is to say that he did as he was bidden with a minimum of urging; he was intelligent, divining, and learned quickly.

The concluding phrase seems admirably chosen, when we consider the means of making people "tractable" which the magistrates of the Bay had in their hands, and were not slow to exercise, as Underhill himself had experienced.

Many experts say that Armenia still has forces that are more realistic about the situation in the country and may be more "tractable" in dialogue with Turkic neighbors.

While not the only possible way of measuring a concept as multifaceted as religiosity, the index is an empirically tractable, conceptually coherent, and intuitively compelling method of doing so.

The naturally aspirated BMW engine was so tractable the car could accelerate from 30-225 mph in sixth gear.

When through a process of law the common people have lost their homes, they will be more tractable and more easily governed by the strong arm of the law applied by the central power of leading financiers.

Actually acourding to my thesaurus it is but no matter feel free to subsutute any of the following terms if you like. circumscribed, limited, restricted, tractable, accountable, complaisant, compliant, restricted, submissive, yielding the result is the same in any case.

“Training,” on the other hand, “is for slaves, for loyal subjects, for tractable employees, for willing consumers, for obedient soldiers.”

Yo that bitch is so tractable if you get her drunk. Sucked me off so easy. By the way that bitch is your kuti ami

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  • Sentence for "tractable"
  • Synonym for "tractable"
    • docile, manageable, governable, palpable, practicable
  • Antonym for "tractable"
    • intractable
  • Rhyme for "tractable"
    • intractable, retractable
  • Equivalent for "tractable"
    • susceptible, tamable, tameable, malleable, docile
  • Etymologically Related for "tractable"
    • tractably, tractability, tractableness
  • Same Context for "tractable"
    • docile, peaceable, good-tempered, well-behaved, law-abiding
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