thievery in a sentence

Sentence with the word thievery

Every writer assumes that this thievery is justified, just as every tax department steals for the public good.

But wheel-thievery is almost big business; Most of the Mexico City thievery comes under the headings of light fingers and anything movable.

Much of the thievery is being carried out by beach vendors who wait for beach goers to go swimming.

The positive (up) side of warning tourists about thievery is to cut down on the action.

Among the highlights of Halliburton's thievery from the NYT:

The commenter was anonymous and posted the idea openly, so the name thievery should not be a problem for Estrin.

Republicans stole the election, and your ‘pandering’ to their thievery is just more ‘wishcraft’ of republicans who want to believe they’re popular in the face of all evidence to the contrary.

What's even more ironic is that chances are the victim of this thievery is an elderly conservative who stays home, watches FOX News, listens to Rush, and rails against the "lib'ruls" who want to regulate free enterprise to death, as opposed to those elderly liberals who have a hearty distrust of big corporations.

On the other hand, they are facing outright thievery, which is going through the roof, increasing along with gas prices.

Tim Groninger makes a classic error when he writes, “word thievery … has become especially acute,” suggesting that the problem has reached pandemic proportions.

businessman: thievery is bad cool guy: dude i just jacked that guys wallet

I hate you and your thievery.

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  • Sentence for "thievery"
    • Every writer assumes that this thievery
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  • Synonym for "thievery"
    • theft, thievishness, robbery
  • Phrases for "thievery"
    • legalized thievery, thievery whereby
  • Hyponym for "thievery"
    • peculation, misapplication, shrinkage, grand theft, petty larceny
  • Hypernym for "thievery"
    • felony
  • Same Context for "thievery"
    • peculation, misappropriation, jobbery, larceny, embezzlement
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