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Sentence with the word tenderloin

Start the next strip of bacon by overlapping on the end of the first piece and continuing until the tenderloin is completely covered.

Elly, tenderloin is so quick and easy to use - I like it because it stays moist and tender even though it isn't full of fat.

While the tenderloin is roasting, make the pilaf: Put the reserved onion, chorizo, and oil in a pan and heat.

In other words, pork tenderloin is a very low fat meat.

Gini (as I open the fridge to get some soda out): Are you sure that pork tenderloin is still good?

This is called the tenderloin in English and the blanc de volaille in French.

We out of the house longer than we'd intended on Sunday, so butterflying the tenderloin was a perfect solution.

The menu says center cut of beef tenderloin, which is basically the filet mignon.

The tenderloin is the small muscle that runs down the inside of the backbone.

Between the short and sirloin is the portion usually called the tenderloin, the name of which indicates its prevailing characteristic, the tenderness which makes it a much-to-be-desired cut in spite of its lack of juiciness and flavor as compared with other cuts.

yo bitch i aint walkin through the TL, dam trannys and crack heads all wanna piece of ya.

Girl: The Tenderloin scares me! Boy: Just be smart. Don't hang around at night and be aware.

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