tainting in a sentence

Sentence with the word tainting

And based on that, the problems with the governor should in no way be what we call tainting my appointment.

It is a pleasure each day to read the stupidity people can come up with in tainting the name of the "Honorable George W. Bush" President of this great nation.

That is just one element, and in a situation of this kind, obviously grievous errors were made in management, but it was not the idea of tainting every black reporter with what happened to Jayson Blair is grossly unfair.

The code uses a technique called "dynamic tainting analysis," essentially labeling ( "tainting") specific sensitive data, and then tracking the propagation of that data through files, programs and interprocess messages.

Wouldn't that be making a deal of sorts, the very thing that is 'tainting' Blago?

The amusing thing, of course is that Northeasterners, and media Jews, who also tend to be from the Northern East Coast - object to Midwest or Southern "tainting" of vernacular.

Knowing where your food comes from is something we will appreciate as the "tainting" of food continues in the future.

East Asia, as you may or may not know, is a big repository for celebrity shills, people who are above "tainting" themselves with overexposure here, but gladly push all sorts of bizarre products in Asia because 1. they get paid a lot and 2. no one's going to see the ads.

WHITFIELD: So Richard is this how you see it, kind of tainting the potential jury pool if it comes to that?

"The operating efficiencies of dealing with electronic securities are obvious, while risks associated with certificates, such as tainting through fraud and forgery are significantly reduced."

I was tainting my my husband to turn him on while he shit on himself. Guess his taint doesn't work.

Man, I have been tainting so much recently! Feel these callus'!!

Wow, nick went to the tattoo parlor and got himself a tainting.

I had fun tainting your mom last night

does your gf have a goatee? No im just into tainting

Related Sources

  • Sentence for "tainting"
  • Synonym for "tainting"
    • infect, pollute, vitiate, poison, defile
  • Verb Forms for "tainting"
    • tainted, tainting, taints
  • Phrases for "tainting"
    • tainting journalism, risk tainting, issues tainting, without tainting, way tainting
  • Rhyme for "tainting"
    • Paint, Saint, acquaint, complaint, constraint
  • Hypernym for "tainting"
    • deflower, vitiate, spoil, mar, impair
  • Cross Reference for "tainting"
    • contaminate, contamination, imperfection
  • Form for "tainting"
    • tainted, tainting
  • Same Context for "tainting"
    • stench, imputation, stain, odour, tinge
  • Variant for "tainting"
    • attaint
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