tails in a sentence

Sentence with the word tails

Didn't realize that what we call the tails are getting fatter; risk coming from jumps increasing.

Anything with eyes, fins or tails is too realistic for me to swallow.

By contrast, I think Arnold's fascination of late with "the tails" is a lot more in line with what will eventually win out in the way we think about markets.

Where you hunt B-tails, is that in the dark, damp rainforrest?

Now, first of all, the concept of cutting off (and eating) mermaid tails is wildly arresting.

He called tails the next ten times in a row, and each time it came up heads.

Talking about thick tails is not the same as doomsaying.

I have a particular bent towards vocal repertoire, and I can say that men in tails and women in organza very frequently move me to laughter, desperation, shock, and enlightenment; if you're sitting around pouting that your gut remains unstruck, I rather think that's more your problem.

Although I could have gone for a full-out Buckley-ism (and a Harlem-born Black man whipping his language about like a cat-o'-nine tails is I think, a certain sweet post-passing revenge) and said ...

I wonder if the GOP wished they had a longer primary season now that tails from the Mc Crip is having a tough time!

I wanna fly high to reach the highest of all the heavens. Someone will be waiting for me, so I gotta fly higher

All sonic games, beat that!

I wanna fly high to reach the highest of all the heavens. Someone will be waiting for me, so I gotta fly higher

ME! Oh, and all the sonic games, always look behind the blue hedgehog, and you will see me, er I mean tails.

Tails used his two tails to defeat Eggman.

sonic the hedgehog's best friend

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    • limitation, abridgment, limited, abridged, reduced
  • Verb Forms for "tails"
    • tailed, tailing, tails
  • Phrases for "tails"
    • beaver tails, lobster tails, coat tails, deer tails, tails pile
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    • Bayle, Braille, Dail, Dale, Gael
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    • projection, cut, end, ending, reverse
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    • reverse, estate in tail, crag-and-tail, to tail up and down the stream, tall of a gale
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    • to tail on
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    • leg, tooth, wing, hair, nose
  • Variant for "tails"
    • tailing, tailing{3}
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