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Sentence with the word tailoring

The EPA came up with what it calls a tailoring rule that would exempt small sources of pollution from the regulations for six years.

The tailoring is all about heritage, and we decided to add something from my own heritage -- Uzbekistan handwoven silks with ikat prints.

I invest in tailoring and mending; I do some myself.

If so, why were the focus groups so useless in tailoring a message.

The document, Higher Level Skills Strategy, dated from last November, recognises the 'risks' for universities in tailoring courses for businesses.

"I'm not a fan of tailoring [your cover letter for the specific company you're targeting] for the simple reason most students get bogged down in tailoring and don't get enough out," Starr says.

- Excellent verbal and written communication and presentation skills with the ability to speak and write clearly and convincingly in English, tailoring communication methods to customer's requirements.

But Prometheus hasn't patented the idea of tailoring drug doses to metabolite levels, but rather one specific, sophisticated method for doing so.

A top EPA official said the agency is moving ahead as expected on a key rule for vehicle emissions but declined to provide a time line on the release of a so-called tailoring rule that will outline regulations for stationary emitters.

The so-called tailoring rule applies to any new major facilities or modifications to emitting sources.

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