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To be classified as tailless, the dog had to have a tail approximately 6 inches or less in length we eliminated small toy dogs from the sample.

The object, dubbed 2006 SQ372, is a kind of tailless comet that's currently some two billion ...

The creatures included a monstrous blue unicorn with a beard like a goat and tailless, but talented, beavers that walked on their hind legs, lived in huts and built campfires.

I believe we had to choose the name of a tailless monkey — gibbous, gibbon, gibber, none of the above.

What is of importance is that Henry Poole & Co.'s archives seem to show the Prince of Wales, above either Griswold or Mr. Potter, deserves recognition for commissioning the tailless dinner jacket earliest—in 1865.

As legend has it, the notoriously unchaste Prince wished to get to know Mrs. Potter in a more intimate setting, but first he encouraged Mr. Potter to order an avant-garde tailless dinner jacket especially for the trip.

In October 1886, at Tuxedo Park's Autumn Ball, an annual gala honoring debutantes, Griswold and a few of his friends emerged in tailless dress coats and scarlet satin vests.

The tailless satin coat described in Town Topics, Mr. Sonne believes, was a variation on the classic British naval mess coat, a uniform Griswold and his pals observed officers wearing earlier that summer at the Cowes sailing regattas.

Joel often hears from people who have a tailless squirrel in their neighborhood, usually nicknamed Stub, he said.

I had contacted Joel with my own squirrel story, asking about a tailless squirrel I see from time to time in my back yard.

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