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Sentence with the word tailgating

M. O'BRIEN: Kind of gives new meaning to the term tailgating, does it?

I actually learned this in Malaysia where tailgating is normal and the clerk at the Hertz Rental Car Agency in Penang told me that if I ran over a local in a village, I should run for it to avoid being lynched on the spot.

Assuming, of course that tailgating is a problem that requires huge dots on the road.

Fans had packed the stadium car park on Monday morning for one last version of that pre-game ritual of "tailgating" - barbecuing and picnicing from their cars.

One of the biggest causes highlighted by the ABI was "tailgating" - driving too close to the car in front, and it called for the government's proposed new framework for learner drivers to emphasise safe following distances.

Despite LSU's three national-championship teams in the last decade, he says, "the tailgating is a priority."

What you ascribe to would-be marble respossessors is a fair description of a regrettable practice called tailgating a rich issue.

They are there for tailgating, which is another way of saying, they have come to drink.

Joe Cahn, the self-described commissioner of tailgating whose hundreds of venue visits include stops at every National Football League stadium, calls tailgating at places such as Qualcomm the last great bastion for face-to-face interaction in a Facebook world.

According to the police story given to the Star-Ledger of July 14, Smith was charged with "tailgating" and driving the wrong way on a one-way street.

1) Before the football game, we had a tailgate party with beers and BBQ. 2) I was driving down the sidestreet at 40 and that guy was still tailgating me. So, I 'noticed' a 'cat' on the road and slammed my brakes.

Girl 1: He's gotta a really cute butt. I'm gonna be tailgating him closely. Girl 2: Can I follow him too?

Stop tailgating, it doesn't smell too good back there.

We were tailgating last Saturday.

If that jerkoff doesn't stop tailgating me, I'm going to slow down to 10 miles an hour!

I'm going tailgating tomorrow with some friends before the Bears game.

That bastid is Tailgating so close to me they are up my ass like toilet paper.

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