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In the months that followed, I began to explore tai chi chuan also called taiji.

In the midst of my taiji lesson with Sat Hon, we paused (as we sometimes do) and chatted for a moment.

My taiji teacher, Sat Hon, is a virtual lexicon of sage and colorful phrases.

One of the best martial arts that can be used for rehabilitation is Tai Chi Chuan (TCC) [taiji].

Those in the tai chi [taiji] group were taught 11 movements over a six-week period and asked to practice the technique at home at least once a week.

Tai Chi [taiji] is an ancient Chinese martial art and health promotion exercise.

The literal translation of tai chi chuan [taiji] is "the grand ultimate fist" (Cerrato).

"Investigators at Emory University, for example, have found that teaching older adults tai chi [taiji] -- 10 sets per session for 15 weeks -- reduced their blood pressure and cut the risk of falling nearly in half" (Cerrato).

In the midst of my taiji lesson with Sat Hon, we paused as we sometimes do and chatted for a moment.

More interestingly, he stated that it had a Chinese name, taiji wan (the Taiji ball), and that the Chinese presented it as gift and mentioned it in both official and private letters.

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